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Support Artsakh and Armenia

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Some Background:


Artsakh (aka Nagorno-Karabakh) is the region between Armenia and Azerbaijan that houses a population of 95% Armenians. It is governed by ethnic Armenians and has been for thousands of years.

Then... Artsakh was "gifted" to the then new country of Azerbaijan by Stalin in 1923 to appease Turkey. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the fight for the independence of Artsakh began, ending with a ceasefire agreement in 1994.

Now... A planned attack was executed on Artsakh on September 27, 2020 marking the largest attack since the ceasefire agreement. Since then, Armenia's military launched a counteroffensive. Azerbaijan has received support from Turkey and 4,000 hired Syrian Jihadist mercenaries. Armenia, a country of 3 million is fighting ISIS, Tukey and Azerbaijan with very little support.

Armenian diasporans attempted to support the conflict from afar for 44 days. Even with the recent peace agreement, our work is not finished. This site provides links to the hard work that organizations are doing all over the world in supporting Armenia and Artsakh. Scroll through or click on the buttons below.

Events & Protests:

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Send it to us using the white "Submit" buttons below each section.



According to teams in Armenia and Artsakh, the number one priority right now, is financial assistance. See below for a list of places you can donate to be sure your money is going straight to the conflict.


1. Armenia Fund


2. Hayastan All Armenian Fund, supporting the life-sustaining humanitarian assistance for civilians and life-saving emergency medical equipment

3. Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund - focused on saving, supporting and empowering our wounded warriors.


4. Kooyrigs Looys Program

  • Kooyrigs, an organization founded to provide resources to Armenian women by promoting educational initiatives and launching community projects, has focused its efforts on Artsakh in recent weeks. The organization has been tasked with supporting Stepanakert Hospital's need for medication. They order the requested meds from pharmacies in rural Armenia in order to support the local economy, and then their team hand-delivers them to Artsakh. Purchase items from their shop to support.

5. Teach for Armenia

  • Teach for Armenia is currently organizing an emergency response for their students who have been affected by the ongoing conflict.

6. Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR)

  • SOAR's mission is to provide humanitarian relief to orphaned Armenians. In the war on Artsakh, SOAR is fundraising to provide humanitarian support for orphans and civilians of Artsakh as well as the widows and children of fallen soldiers.



1. Take Action and Demand Sanctions

  • From the ANCA: "As the Armenian nation confronts new challenges and works to build consensus in the face of the latest ceasefire, take action now to hold Turkey and Azerbaijan accountable for war crimes committed against Artsakh civilians and call for recognition of the Artsakh Republic."

  • Complete this form to call on Congress and the Administration to Recognize Artsakh; Sanction Turkey and Azerbaijan


2. More very simple ways to reach government officials, including calling on the President and Congress to recognize Artsakh and to ban Sale of U.S. Parts for Turkish Drones, can be found at

3. Share this Call for Unity and Resilience from AGBU and vist for updates and directions regarding preserving historical sites in Artsakh.



  • With just one click, you can use the ANCA's new twitter alert platform to tweet to President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, your Senators and Representative to enforce crippling sanctions on #Azerbaijan and its Turkish/ISIS allies for WARCRIMES against Armenian civilians in Artsakh.

  • Simply visit, type in your name, address, and email, and then click "submit". You'll be provided with six pre-written tweets directed to your elected officials. You can personalize the tweets with your commentary or simply click "send all" to send all six at the same time.

  • The ANCA will be changing twitter messages frequently - giving you the opportunity to follow up with your legislators once-a-day until they take immediate U.S. action to zero-out military aid to Azerbaijan and hold the Aliyev and Erdogan regimes responsible for their ongoing war crimes.

  • Not on Twitter yet? Sign up for free today. It's a quick, easy, and powerful tool to educate government and media about Armenian American concerns.

5. AGBU is sending a daily email with updates that they have accumulated, called "AGBU Activate". The correspondence is meant for email only. If you would like to subscribe, email to be added to the list.

6. Share these 10 facts about the conflict.


7. Share this Statement of 50 NGOs in Armenia on Use of Phosphorus Weapons in Artsakh Forests Addressed to International Community

  • Evidence of the attack on Twitter by Shushan Stepanyan

  • Infographic from Artak Beglaryan of damage from phosphorus: Tweet & Facebook Post

  • Hashtags and key words to use when posting:

    • Ecocide; Environment; Climate; Earth;  #RecognizeArtsakh; #StopAliyev

  • Environmental NGO’s to tag:

    • @Greenpeace (FB:

    • @Foe_US (FB: @FoEEurope)

    • @FondationBardot (FB: @FFB_World)


    • @IUCN_forests (FB: @IUCN.forests)

    • @ConservationOrg

    • @NatGeo

    • @TheWCS

    • @Green_Europe (FB: @GreenEuropeanFoundation)

    • @BirdLife_News (FB: @Birdlifeinternational)

    • @IUNC  (FB: @iucnbrussels)

    • @UNEP

    • @WWF

  • Climate Influencers to tag [TWITTER]:

    • Leonardo Di Caprio @LeoDiCaprio [FB: @LeonardoDiCaprio] 

    • Greta Thunberg @Gretta_Thunberg

    • Al Gore @algore

    • David Attenborough@AttenboroughSir

    • Gavin Schmidt @ClimateOfGavin

    • Marina Silva @MarinaSilva

    • Amory Lovins @AmoryLovins

    • Joss Garman @jossgarman

    • Laurie David @Laurie_David

8.  View and share from this information page created by the The Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, detailing the crisis in Artsakh.

9. Primer: 15 Questions and Answers About the Karabakh Conflict by EVN Report 

10. Share posts from the news sources below on your social media accounts and ask your friends, Armenian and non-Armenians alike to share as well. Use the following hashtags:











DO NOT engage in opposition posts and hashtags on any platform. It only increases their visibility.

11. Social Media Posts and Protest Posters

  • Share these Our Heritage is Your History Social Media Tiles

  • Print or create signs for protests and social media. See this drive folder for many poster options, designed and generously offered to fellow Armenians for use, by Rupen Janbazian. They are designed to be printed at 24" x 24" but can also be used on social media.

  • Use the graphics generously provided by Steve Altan in social media posts or in print. When using on social media, please be sure to tag Steve so he can track where they are shared! Instagram @artgeko  Twitter @rockbeatspaper2

Click the image to view full size jpg and then save. For print, click the PDF links below the image.




Social Media Accounts, News Outlets and Journalists: Instagram and Twitter

Accurate News Reports:




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Mental Health


November 22nd in Philadelphia - Caravan for Peace

We will update this page as events are added. Remember to mask up and stay safe out there!

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